Free educational math game! Eat flies, avoid scary monsters, and pick the right numbers to win!


You play as Lilly, a hungry frog. Click to travel through each level and score points by clicking again to swallow the flies that have correct answers to the level's math question. But watch out- if you try to eat an incorrect fly or get caught by a roaming alligator, you'll lose a life!


Success in Number Nibbler is closely tied to how well you know your math. Questions exist for a variety of categories:

• Addition

• Subtraction

• Multiplication

• Division

• Multiples


Number Nibbler has multiple difficulty levels for each category, providing a flexible challenge. In addition, high scores are saved for each difficulty and category, allowing you to compete against yourself over time.


Number Nibbler was created using Godot. Source code is available on GitHub.


Number Nibbler Windows Version 40 MB

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